Occasionally Asked Questions


Q: I bought a jar and it wasn't completely filled, what gives?

A: We fill our jars to the tippy top. However, after time it settles a little. But don't feel swindled! We package by weight, so you are guaranteed to get eight glorious ounces of glistening Chili Granola.

Q: Is it more like granola, or more like a hot sauce?

A: We think of Chili Granola as a condiment, so more like a hot sauce to add spice & texture to your favorite foods. But we know people who eat it straight from the jar like granola. So your call. 

How spicy is it really?

A: We use 3 chili powders to add complexity to the spice. So the heat comes at the end, but it won’t burn your face off. Although it would be cool to replace your face with Nicolas Cage’s or John Travolta’s.

Q: Is Chili Granola vegan?

A: We use a small amount of honey. If you are vegan, you already know which side of THAT debate you fall on. 

Q: Is it gluten free?

A: If you have celiac disease, sorry but you should avoid Chili Granola. There is a small amount of barley (in the miso paste) and the oats we use are processed in a facility that also processes wheat.

Q: Where do you guys make this insane stuff?

A: We hand-make each batch of Chili Granola at Brooklyn Foodworks along with other innovative foodmakers. It's a great space with a supportive group of people. Really. We have nothing snarky to say. Sorry.

Q: When will Chili Granola be available nationwide?

A: You can buy it online Mouth.com and FarmToPeople.com and they will send it right to your door. But unfortunately, we’re not available at grocery stores nationwide. We make everything by hand, so we’re figuring out how to grow without sacrificing quality. So hold your horses, because horse thieves.

Q: What the heck do you put in this stuff?

A: It's super top secret. However, THE MAN makes us tell.
Canola oil, sesame seed oil, chili paste (miso [organic whole soybean koji, water, sea salt, barley flour], brown sugar, water, korean chili powder, rice vinegar, salt), ginger, garlic, cayenne & anaheim chili powder, tamari sauce (water, soybeans, salt, alcohol [to preserve freshness]), shallots, organic coconut palm sugar, sesame seeds, almonds, rolled oats, hulled hemp seeds, applesauce (apples, water and salt), puffed rice, organic brown rice syrup, brown sugar, honey, organic extra virgin coconut oil, ginger & sea salt.

Q: I know this stuff is evil, but could I see the nutritional info?


Q: Wait, I have another question?

A: That's not even a question. But you can ask us at hello@chiligranola.com